We are glad to announce to you our maiden edition of online classes enrollment for interested students that wants to learn about web design and how to create websites from scratch.

This online learning classes is open to everyone of all ages as the classes will be taught from the basics, so even if you dont have any background in computing and you wish to join in learning you will be glad you did.


First of all what will the benefits of enrolling in this online classes you may ask

The benefit are as follows

  1. You will be able to create your website from scratch after completing our web design classes
  2. You will know how to make use of a CMS (content management system) to create a website
  3. You will be shown how to create a blog which can be used for blogging
  4. You will be taught on how to host a website online after completing your classes
  5. You will be given a certificate of participation

We enjoin you to make good use of this opportunity as you will be taught by professionals

What is the cost of the classes ?

We have made effort in cutting down cost of the training, as we already know that the cost of learning how to create a website from scratch is very expensive this days, especially from professional teachers, so we have decided to charge 10 thousand naira only per student, instead of 50 thousand as the case may be.

This is a special offer as the next class will be from 50 thousand naira upwards

You can read about online learning at wikipedia here

You can also read about web design here from wikipedia

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