This project report describes a mobile android based job finder and applier. There is a crisis in Nigeria right now on job opportunities and availability. There is a huge population with fewer jobs every year in the country. Getting a job is a struggle and it is affecting mostly the less privileged. The internet is now a common place for engaging with different people and ideas in today’s world, therefore people’s needs, and services are provided through websites, mobile applications, and other online platforms. This project is focused on developing an android mobile application for job search and application which is an android application with an administrator to serve as a communication tool between the job seekers and the employers. This way, job seekers would not have to search for jobs going from office to office, home to home or through the traditional recommendations when they can apply for jobs from the palms of their fingertips on the mobile application, users can get registered, login and apply for jobs. These users can also edit their profile, it is possible to add, delete or edit their profile. This project also consists of the activity diagrams, the application architecture, uses cases and entity relationship diagrams. The technologies used in the execution of the objectives of this research are android studio as the IDE of choice and Google Firebase for the database. Upon compelling appraisal and system verification, the writer sees that the application can be used modestly, productively, effectively, and efficiently.



1.1     Overview

The Job Bay Application is an application that would serve as an important role in helping job seekers especially domestic workers find jobs in a world with growing population and less job opportunities. The Job Bay Application would get a well detailed information about a person willing to find a job such as his name, address, job history, phone number, minimum salary expectation, skills, job specialization, locations, and age. While those people looking for workers can view profiles of workers and also include some information about themselves. The application would geographically locate Job hunters who are in the area indicated by the employers. The application can only reveal a user’s address and contact number when he/she accepts to work for the employer. The application is going to be one of a kind because it focuses mostly on domestic workers willing to work like drivers, house help, gardeners etc. It would help improve the lives of citizens in the country while reducing the unemployment rate in the country and have enormous impact in improving financial situations for families. The main aim of this project is to help reduce the time taken for a lot of Job seekers to find a job on a temporary or permanent basis and for people looking for the right fit to work and trust in their homes to be found easily in a reliable and safe way.

1.2     Background and Motivation

Job Bay is an application platform for people to find jobs easily and improve their lives while doing so. Most times, a lot of people do not know how and where to get employment or usually look to the wrong places while seeking jobs. For a long time this has been a problem in our country especially to the less privileged. In a world that is rapidly changing, where a ton of people have a smartphone with them it would be easy for them to log in and apply for jobs while being in the comfort of their homes not the usual old ways of trekking from building to building or asking for favors. 

1.3     Statement of the Problem

Without a platform like this, there is a lot of people fighting for limited jobs in the country. There are a lot of people with proper work skills that believe there are no place for a job for them. Some have experienced going door to door seeking for jobs while most of these jobs are being shut in their faces. Others offer immoral ways to get jobs and it has somewhat become a norm in our daily lives. The best way to tackle this problem is by creating a safe space for workers to reach out to employers in a professional way and acquiring that job with confidence knowing your skills and work ethics got you there. Without discrimination and fear of losing your job in the future because of inability to prove yourself a right fit. For the current system of job seeking, there has been a lot of time wasting and not getting the right fit for a job. Some people could spend weeks to months searching for a job while what to be done is to look in the right places. Others might even migrate to other cities or even countries seeking for a better life. Currently, most people have heard news of people risking their lives to go to other countries for a better life and good jobs while there are some people in this country looking for a worker that would be a right fit for their environment. The current system is therefore not sustainable and a move to digital work seeking is more sustainable, faster and safer. The current system has put people in dangerous and desperate scenarios just to get a means of livelihood.

1.4     Aim and Objectives

The aim of this project is to successfully create a platform whereby people looking for jobs have an easier way of finding them. This would eliminate the issue of searching for suitable jobs and having to look for a long time to find work. The main objectives of this project are as listed below :

  1. To connect Job seekers with Employers.
  2. To improve people’s livelihoods and the economy.
  3. To display job seekers information.
  4. To allow user communication between job seekers and job employers.

1.5     Significance of the Project

The implementation of this project would have an important benefit for the issue of eradicating unemployment in a large scale. This would help strengthen the engagement between the employers and employees in an easy and effective way. There would also be better value for the employers as they would know the time for the service they are paying for. You can get as many people to be using the app to make other people’s lives better and create a digital job connection in all aspects. Furthermore, there would be a cumulative payment system if needed for those that are used to the traditional way of receiving payment. The project would subsequently ease the traffic associated with applying for jobs to get other alternatives from the palm of their hands in a much simpler way. My proposed system would be to develop an android mobile application for job seekers “Job Bay” to bring the safest, fastest, and easiest means of finding a job and finding workers. An employer can see the people in need of work with their contact details,  location and their job specialization. The issues in taking a long time in finding suitable jobs and the difficulties of finding a proper worker would be reduced. The system would have all the relevant information on the worker and a detailed in information on the employee. The proposed system would help in reducing the time needed to become productive and contribute to society in one way or the other by creating jobs, quickly finding workers and help grow the economy. The job seekers and employers would be able to communicate easily.

1.6     Project Risks Assessment

Table 1.1: Project Risk Assessment

Risk(s) Possible solution(s)
Inability to carry out research due to loss of hardware/software resources. Be aware of and observe school security procedures.
Loss      of            work     due        to                 equipment failure/loss. Weekly data backup.
Software availability (Unavailability of API’s). Alternative API’s would be checked for.
Unwillingness to            pass       sensitive information/business model. Non-disclosure agreement signing.
Inadequate supervision. Report to a higher authority like the HOD.
Health related issues. Report to the project management team.

1.7 Scope/Project Organization

The scope of this project is concerned with making a successful link in connecting job seekers with employers by getting the right fit of work specialty or experience. And to extinguish the current problems of getting jobs and have a solution to a faster way of connecting job seekers with employers. The Chapter 1 is the Introduction where there is Overview, Background and Motivation, Current System, Statement of the problem, Proposed system, Aim and Objective, Significance of the project, project Risk Assessment and Scope. It provides information that describes the background of the project, the context of the problem, the problem to face when developing a Job Search app for android application. The Chapter 2 contains Literature Review which includes Historical Overview, Current Findings and studies, Summary. This provides readers with knowledge and information about Job search hunting from the primitive to the modern way. In the Chapter 3, the Requirements, Analysis and Design are involved which contains the Overview, Requirements Specifications, Design Overview, Detailed or low-level design, Summary. This provides a software development life cycle, also known as SDLC, which is used to develop the proposed system and provides the merits and benefits of using the selected methodology for the system. The methodology chosen is fully explained by its stages or phases, the strengths, and weaknesses of the software development life cycle. It would explain the method used to gather the data used in developing the proposed system. Here, a questionnaire and interview were chosen to do the main research. The Chapter 4 is the Implementation whereby  the Overview, Development Environment, Implementation Stages, Database Setup, API’s and their uses, Major technical problems, Overcoming technical problems and Testing are involved. And the final chapter which is Chapter 5 has the Evaluation, Conclusion and Recommendation: -Overview, Achievements, challenges, Future enhancements, Recommendations, Summary. There is also the References and Appendices page.


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