The proposed system is designed as an online solution to the long wait time and crowd with the pandemic we are facing now. The queue management system aims help service provider manage their customers efficiently. The system will be designed to ease customer flow management, which is useful for managers of the service provider. In addition, help provide the customer with clarity into hotel traffic and waiting time before leaving their destination. The app was developed using the waterfall methodology, was successfully tested, and produced desirable results. Development of the application will continue with for future update and further enhancements. Development Technology and Tools use in the building the Application is the Ionic 5 Angular7 with visual studio code and Firebase DB, which comprises of Typescript frame work, Ionic UI components and the reason for using this tools is that it is easy to learn, native Integration, hybrid application development and also works well with google API further more good for big data.




1.1    Background of the study

In the world system, Nigeria to be specific, is one of the major country that is been faced with improper queue management. Queues (or waiting lines) help facilities or businesses provide service in an orderly fashion. Forming a queue being a social phenomenon, it is beneficial to the society if it can be managed so that both the unit that waits and the one that serves get the most benefit (Shukla and Shrivastar R.K., 2016). Efficient queue management is very essential anywhere in order to keep the people involved in the system to be on the move (Ajah, 2017). Queue Management has been an issue for a long time in many organizations especially in banks and government departments and is common to places that are overcrowded such as; markets, motor parks, banks, worship places, recreational centers, school and hotels. Due to the growing technology nowadays, it is not only important to provide convenience to the public consumers, but to help the person behind the counters to manage the existing queue so that the service will be delivered efficiently and effectively (Rushdi, 2013). The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the

Globe (world) made it mandatory to consider proper queue management in human daily activities, organization, sects and so on. As overcrowded places can cause rapid spread of this disease. In the past six month of the country WHO declared a public health emergency of international concern, lots of countries went into a state of emergency leaving lots of establishment unmanned. In Nigeria today, we struggle to find resources to control the pandemic which has made the country to suffer setbacks. Some measures were set in place to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing social distancing, usage of a nose mask, and hand sanitizers, In other to manage the current state of the country, guidelines were given for some businesses to reopen by working short hours, controlling crowded environments which lead to the poor turnover for some businesses, especially markets, motor parks, banks, worship places, recreational centers, and hotels. This project work is focus on reducing the overcrowding places and aid social distancing by using virtual method to manage queue effectively. The proposed method uses mobile application software to implement a Queue Management System. This proposed method also help service provider sufficiently and manage customers. Queue Management software gives them the flexibility to help customers analyze the queue status virtually and the system puts the user in the queue and takes decisions on which customer to serve first and helps the customer receive appointment updates and alerts via their mobile devices.

1.2    Problem of the statement

In our existing system all the booking of rooms in a hotel are done manually, so it was more time taking for an executive and customer to book, search rooms and collect payment in hotel. The need to build up this queue management system framework through inventive Development

tremendously influenced the progression of this task. This task will plan and execute a reservation framework dependent on the queue management system. The system should be able to reserve a customer, initiate a checking for space available to take action of making a reservation for the customer, if not send notification feedback to the customer through the application software and email. The expense of the establishment of any queue management system framework relies upon a few elements. To start with, the sort of customers wait time being minimize is of incredible thought the queue management system Provide customers with clarity into hotel traffic and wait times before they even step foot in your hotel, by doing so customers can search for the nearest 3 location with the shortest wait and can check-in virtually online, saving their spot in the queue, or schedule a future reservation.

1.3    Aim and Objective of the study


The aim and the objectives (main function) of the project is;

  1. To design and develop a queue management system for Soul Garden Hotel.
  2. To analyse the method of Approach used in managing queue at soul care garden hotel.
  3. To design a queue management system for soul care garden hotel
  4. To develop and implement queue management system for soul care garden hotel.
  5. To evaluate the performance, the queue management system.

1.4 Motivation

The growing popularity and spread of smart phones and tablets have led to a change in how computer systems are designed. Technological developments have also made sure mobile devices are capable of helping in most sectors of our daily lives. Also the increase in COVID19 cases which has become a problem for customer service oriented companies Technology is a necessity in our lives and this project contributed to this factor whereby customers can receive appointment updates and alerts sent to their phones. We have chosen the Android Operating System, as it is the most popular, ethical, user-controlled, operating system and it still is developing.

1.4    Methodology


The project aims at designing an application to minimize the wait times of the user via an android application using a queue management system. The application is run on all android devices. The system will require mapping system, appointment, Customer Feedback, Alerting, identification, and internet connection. The Hotel Management System will allow remote access to hotel database only for customer after the authorization procedures. The customer could search, book rooms and give feedback.

1.5    Significance of the project

The implementation of this project has the potential to benefit the academic field, the Local Society, Humanity, and the world as a whole. The knowledge to the academic field by providing safety to people being congested in a place with the pandemic the world is going through now, so far available solution to the pandemic is to minimize movement and control crowded areas. This project is not the first, but has more room for development and each part of the implementation of the project will be open for more development as technology advances. The contribution to the academic field is that doing things online help go back to our daily routine more safely and smartly, the pandemic is just another opportunity to help build new ways to cope in life. And it will give highlight for those who may develop interests to make a further study on similar topics.

1.6     Project Risks Assessment

The project’s risk assessment describes events that may be hard to control or slow down the workflow of this project. This section also includes precautions to be followed in case of such events.


1     Inability to carry out research due to loss of hardware/software resources

          Be aware of and observe school IT security procedures               Secure Android mobile phone when not in use.


2     Loss of work due to equipment failure /loss

    Weekly data backup to H drive and GIT HUB

3     Software availability (Unavailability of API’s)

    Alternative API’s will be checked for.  Software requirements will be identified in good time for possible contentious API’s

4      Late delivery of hardware component

    Hardware requirements will be identified in good time to be able to order them in good time

5     Exams may halt work progress

    Accelerate workflow in order to finish before on time.


1.7    Scope and limitation of the research


The project, which is in order of queue managing and controlling, is to manage the queue virtually using android application and sending feedbacks to the customer. The limitation of this project is the need for language translation and addition of voice translation for non-educated or unskilled customer.


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